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Pokket Cafe is here to serve you with the best of dishes and flavours, which you can relish and cherish throughout your life. The Pokket Cafe is located at 60 different locations in Maharashtra and Gujarat. The owner of Pokket cafe chain is Mr. Abhijit Ghatge; who hails from a small village of Satara in India, having a population of only 2500 people. He is Mechanical Engineer and came to Pune for pursuing a job. He worked for 8 years in an IT company and in the field of Software. After his job, he decided to open his own business and he started a franchise. He worked for two years in the unit café business and finally decided to start his own brand, the Pokket Cafe brand.

Pokket Cafe is one of the biggest cafe chains, having more than 60 outlets, spreading in Maharashtra and Gujrat. We aim to render you with a complacent environment and best of food, which you can enjoy. Our menu is developed by some of the most reputed Chefs and is something you will not find in other restaurants or Cafes. The dishes we offer you have best of ingredients and are rich in taste and flavour. We offer you very fresh dishes with incomparable taste and an outstanding ambience.

Mr. Abhijit Ghatge

Chairman & Managing Director

We have emerged as a favourite meeting spot for the elite people, where they can have their meetings and enjoy the snacks and coffee. Talking about our exotic coffee, it is made of rare and high quality beans, providing you an outstanding taste. You will get very high quality and exotic coffee varieties at our cafe. You can enjoy light snacks, mojitos and cold coffee, while carrying out your meeting during the course of the day. Our excellent ambience and soft music will help to impart you the peace of mind, so that you can relax as well as efficiently conduct your meetings.

You can relish the taste of our burgers and sandwiches, which are prepared with fresh and nutritious vegetables. For the elite class we have exotic pizza and Brownie, especially prepared with deep care and concern. You can enjoy a wide variety of hot drinks and cold drinks depending on your taste considerations.You can enjoy the shakes of freshly sourced fruits like mango and strawberry. We also have special dishes and drinks for kids. They can enjoy chocolate crème in a variety of forms.In all we promise you a very comfortable, enjoyable and highly exciting visit at Pokket Cafe.

You can mail us at pokketcafe@gmail.com or call at +91-9766-872-797.

The Marketing Director Mr. Gajanan Chaphalkar is a marketing professional. He is a Marketing post Graduate having an experience of 16 year in building Brand Values and grooming a franchise market. He is a multifaceted personality with a strong marketing and management skill. In last 16 years, he has successfully donned senior positions with reputed organizations. In his illustrious career in the marketing and sales industry, he has been a resourceful team leader, creative thinker, trainer, partner, and passionate business consultant of reputed companies. He has been initially engaged in propagating various wellness initiatives since 2007 and has significant accomplishments to his credit. Mr Gajanan wishes to change our business partner’s life with a unique life changing opportunity of pocket cafe and will continue to dictate how we behave and how we do business with you.

You can mail us at pokketcafe@gmail.com or call at +91-9028100331.

Mr. Gajanan Chaphalkar

Vice President

Our Core Value – “Continuous Improvement And Upgradation”.

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