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Pokket Cafe Story

POKKET Café offers its customers a daily escape from big city life. We want our customers to have a boutique experience and re-energize with us, so they can take full advantage of everything this wonderful city has to offer. Unique and delicious offerings here are combined with a warm and welcoming environment.
Our goal is to provide our customers with fresh and drooling food items at their convenience. Our chefs put at disposal the best of their skills and hard work to make food for customers. The raw materials are safely procured and stored hygienically. Our staff members are trained to respect each of our customers and make sure that they do not leave the café unsatisfied with the food we serve or service we offer.
POKKET Café is a dream come true project of Mr Abhijit Ghatge (Founder, Chairman), a native of Satara district in India. He studied Mechanical Engineer and moved to Pune for working in a renowned IT company. After his eight years of service he realized that there is some misfit. He introspected that he has been made for greater things and maybe he wants to follow some different paths.
Believing in his instincts, after eight years he decided to quit the job and kick start his own business, thus he initiated a franchise. For two years he worked in the unit café business and then decided to make his own identity in the industry. Following which he launched the brand ‘POKKET Café’, with a vision to be able to provide people with fast food at an economic price. Today POKKET Café has more than 120+ outlets across India and has become a synonym for affordable and quality food.
The POKKET Café has on boarded some of the best in the field and trained chefs to serve the best food to its customers. The helpers at the café are trained to provide the most generous service to the visitors. Apart from this, each and every outlet of POKKET Café is designed to give a cozy and comfortable feel to the customers and nurture the right ambience for them.
No matter where you come from or what your spending capacity is, we are here to cater to all your needs. From parties to meetings, POKKET Café is the place which will be your right choice to host for any occasion.

Founder Words

Gajanan Y. Chaphalkar

Mr Gajanan Chaphalkar, Founder Director of POKKET Café is one of the strongest and most valuable pillars of the brand. His guidance and expertise has helped the brand to grow in multifolds. He pursued his post graduation in Marketing Management and has qualified industry experience of more than 25 years.
His domains over these many years involved working for creating dominant Brand Values along with uplifting and enhancing the potential Franchise markets. Some of the qualities which make him the man he is today are that he is a team-player, creative thinker, passionate businessman and an optimistic problem-solver.
Mr Gajanan, puts at disposal all his expertise and industry experience to transform the way POKKET Café is doing business and carves a way for the brand to reach pinnacles of success. He leaves no stone unturned to ensure that the brand makes its own identity in the market and becomes one of its kind to achieve this level.

Abhijit Ghatge

When you have an uncommon vision and a vigor to stay afloat, your background doesn’t matter. The founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Pokket Café Mr. Abhijeet Ghatage is the living example of this new philosophy of entrepreneurship.
Abhijeet hails from a modest village in Satara district of Maharshtra (India) with a population of merely 2500 head count. He did his schooling in the same village and this didn’t stop him from achieving his dreams. He further became a Automobile Engineer and pursued a career in information technology in Pune for 8 years. The routine of the job was restricting his wings and he left the job to start something of his own. Abhijeet was a sharp young man with his eyes always open. He sensed the need of a cool hangout for the generation next as well as for the business people.
He opened a franchisee of a popular brand and ran the outlet for the next two years. He learned the nitty-gritties of the café business in those years. This was the time when he knew he will not just follow someone else’s dream, but he can extend his horizons and incorporate the dreams of many like him.
Thus, Pokket Café was born. Abhijeet integrated everything that he always wanted in a café and presented this brand meticulously. His vision paid off. In a very short span of time, Pokket Café spread like a tide. Today, it has more than 125+ outlets in pan India.



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Margaret Wagner , café manager

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Jean Thompson , barista

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